14 Questions You Might Be Afraid to Ask About Massage Therapy

Own clientele I like my teachers I like my fellow students and I’m really happy to find here such a large diversity of students from all around the world when I came to visit first I was already so I know it was going to be calm and I like the color they provide my own place I’m Shelly I’m a real estate agent and I decided to study massage because.

I was thinking about opening my own spa one day I’m taking extra courses now I’m taking a reflexology I took a hot stone massage chorus and I plan on taking sports massage the helped I would briefly bring to people and that you know helping them relieve stress and relax and that was very rewarding for me massage school owner and a current continuing education provider for massage therapists today’s topic.

This how to you choose a massage school the several things you want to look for first do your research right there are many schools out there now in my day there weren’t very many so we were limited on what we can choose but nowadays you have many but you need to make a wise choice for your investment.

There are votes schools there are private schools there are colleges which one s going to serve you and provide you the best education that you’re looking for so take out your phone book go on your internet ask around what schools are in your region not just in your town because you know what sometimes.


The best school is out of your town and I highly suggest that you find the best for you okay so once you Massage Therapy find the schools ask them some of these questions first of all do you need funding do you need a loan or a grant or are you going to be paying for this personally out of your own savings okay if you need loans and grants then.

You need to make sure that the facility can provide those those facilities need to have certain accreditation in order to get those government findings most private schools don’t do that because of the costs involved in getting certain accreditation however.

You want to make sure the school that you’re going to is accredited either by the Board of massage in the state or the Department of Education depending on which one overseas.